Board of Directors Message



       Mr. Farid Habib
Managing Director



   Dr. Wagdy Mounir
    General Manager


         Dr. Saad Ibrahim
    Scientific Office Manager




Welcome to Marcyrl website, one of the leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Egypt.  We are delighted to invite you to know  more about our company and Marcyrl products.
Hoping that you find our website useful & interesting.

Marcyrl is one of the leading Companies in Pharmaceutical Industry that manufacturers, distributes and markets a broad range of human health products.

Marcyrl is an organization fully devoted to your health and focus on people life. 
We are committed to manufacture new innovative medicines which make a real difference into Egyptians lives.

We work hard for our medicines to be trusted, and have a strong positive impact in our society.

Our first Responsibility is fulfilling all our customer needs with high quality and reasonable priced products.
We are committed to our employees; we respect their dignity and recognize their merit.


We are responsible for the communities in which we live and the world community as well.

We have to bear our fair share of taxes and encourage civic improvement and better health programs.
By all these principles, Marcyrl is growing to become a global Health care and international Company.