Marcal Tablet

Brand Name: Marcal® Tablet 
Active Ingredient: Calcium Acetate 

When is Marcal® Tablet prescribed for?
Marcal® Tablet is prescribed for:

• Osteoporosis in elderly and post-menopausal women.
• As a phosphate binder in patient with chronic renal failure.
• During pregnancy and lactation.
• During growth in childhood and adolescence.
• As a Calcium supplement for enhancing healing of bone fractures

.How should you take Marcal® Tablet?

• Unless prescribed by physician, the recommended dose is one or two tablets daily.
• For patients with renal failure, one to two tablets with each meal

 When Marcal® Tablet must not be prescribed?
In patients with Hypercalcemia & hypercalciurea.

Possible drugs interaction with Marcal® Tablet:
When Marcal® Tablet is used at the same time tetracycline or digitalis preparations, they should be taken in time lag of three hours at least

Special information if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Marcal is indicated during pregnancy and lactation.