For more than 150 years Schwabe Pharmaceuticals has been committed to improving people’s health and quality of life by researching and developing plant-based medicines and health-care products. Our goal is to create value through innovation. We believe that innovative phytomedicines will become increasingly important over the next few decades.
By influencing several target systems in the body at the same time, they may be more appropriate for patients suffering from complex or age-related diseases than is the “silver bullet” approach of synthetic medicines.

In the future, phytomedicines will help people, worldwide, to lead a sustainable, productive and healthy life. We are actively shaping the company’s international future in a changing and challenging global market. Our goal is to maintain our market-leadership in phytomedicines by introducing our products into new markets, expanding our network of affiliates and distribution partners, and providing more extensive access to our health-care solutions.

The commitment, experience and creativity of our employees are the source of our success. At Schwabe Pharmaceuticals we share a common vision: “From Nature. For Health”